HUNTERS ECB Yorkshire Premier League North 
2022 AGM Ballot Results 
1. Increase the number of teams relegated from the Premier Division to 3 and introduce a Play-Off for the third promotion place between the two second placed clubs in the Championship 
Defeated 11 - 1 (0 abstenions) 
2. Teams who concede more than two league matches during the season will be required to seek re-election at the AGM. 
Carried 47 - 42 (9 abstentions) 
3. Increase the number of teams relegated/promoted between Divisions 3, 4 and 5 to three for 2023 and 2024 to help speed up teams reaching their correct position in the pyramid. 
Carried 46 - 17 (2 abstentions) 
4. Clubs with teams in the Premier and Championship Divisions must have a defibrillator located at their ground for use in emergencies. 
Carried 30 - 1 (5 abstentions) 
5. No loan players will be allowed to play in re-arranged Saturday League Matches 
Carried 77 - 12 (9 abstentions) 
6. Change start time in all Divisions to 12.00pm 
Defeated 69- 25 (4 abstentions) 
7. Change start time in Second Division to 12.00pm 
Defeated 28 - 6 (2 abstentions) 
8. Change start time in Premier and First Division to 12.30pm 
Defeated 23 - 5 (0 abstentions) 
9. Reducing the number of overs in the First Division to 45 
Defeated 16 - 8 (0 abstentions) 
10. Host clubs are not required to provide teas for players umpires, scorers and coaches 
Defeated 54 - 27 (17 abstentions) 
11. Home teams will provide match teas at no cost to the away team 
Defeated 46 - 42 (10 abstentions) 
12. The League to set a fixed fee for teas, as opposed to a maximum 
Defeated 53 - 38 (7 abstentions) 
13. To increase the number of points for a win from 10 to 12 
Defeated 77 - 9 (12 abstentions) 
14. Making the requirement for the away team to provide a scorer optional 
Defeated 55 - 34 (9 abstentions) 
15. Making electronic scoring compulsory in Premier to the Second Divisions and removing the requirement for the away team to provide a scorer 
Defeated 68 - 16 (14 abstentions) 
16. To restrict the number of Sunday Division players who normally play in the Second Division or above on a Saturday 
Defeated 9 - 6 (0 abstentions) 
17. Any player who plays in the 1st round of a cup competition is eligible for all future rounds including the final 
Carried 69 - 7 (22 abstentions) 
Burn 2nd XI were elected into the League for 2024 by 89 votes to 4 with 5 abstentions 
Cricket ball voting was as follows; 
Reader 28 
Dukes 42 
Tiflex 25 
Lords 3 
Hence the Dukes ball will be the official League Ball from 2023 for 3 years. Clubs will be able to use existing stocks of Tiflex balls at the beginning of next season. 
As Phil Robshaw referenced in his secretary’s report, the Board is concerned that the same issues, primarily provision of teas, start times and numbers of overs in each division are being re-visited on annual basis. In order to control this, the Board is using its power under League Management Rule 4.3 and introducing the following new rule: 
4.5 Once a resolution has been passed at an AGM or EGM, no proposals for changing that resolution will be accepted by the Management Board for a period of 3 years without the Board’s agreement. 
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