HUNTERS ECB Yorkshire Premier League North 
Purpose of the Hall of Fame 
1.1 The over-riding purpose of the Hall of Fame will be to recognise those people who have by their outstanding service had a significantly positive influence on the Hunters ECB Yorkshire Premier League North and/or the clubs in its’ membership. 
Administration of the Hall of Fame 
2.1 The Hall of Fame will be administered by a ‘Hall of Fame’ sub-Committee appointed by the League management board. 
2.2 Nominations from clubs, the umpires’ association and the League Management Board will be sought on an annual basis. The sub-Committee will consider the nominations against the criteria and will invite those successful for induction into the Hall of Fame each year. 
Hall of Fame selection criteria 
3.1 Hall of Fame inductees may be current or past players, coaches, officials, volunteers, or workers at club or league level. 
3.2 Inductees must be primarily associated with the league or clubs in membership of the league at the time of either their nomination or their retirement from active service. 
3.3 The LEB will take into account the overall contribution of nominees to cricket in general, but especially to the Hunters ECB Yorkshire Premier League North. 
3.4 Qualities that will be considered in assessing nominations for the Hall of Fame will be: 
Dedication: the overwhelming part of a career being dedicated to Hunters ECB Yorkshire Premier League North 
Lifetime Achievement: exceptional achievement as a player, coach, official, volunteer or worker. 
Long service: a career in the game of cricket spanning 25 years or more. 
Respect: people respected due to their personal qualities such as Integrity, sportsmanship and willingness to help others. 
Versatility: people who have shown that they are able and willing to take on different roles and duties for the good of their club or organisation. 
3.5 There will be no minimum or maximum requirement for numbers of inductees in any year. 
Induction into the Hall of Fame 
4.1 Inductions will take place at an exclusive presentation evening. 
4.2 Each inductee will be presented with a memento and a framed certificate to confirm their induction. 
4.3 A photograph and short summary of the career of each inductee will be published in a dedicated page on the Hunters ECB Yorkshire Premier League North website. 
Duration of induction 
5.1 Once inducted into the Hall of Fame, an inductee will remain there indefinitely. 
5.2 The League Management Board have the discretion to remove an inductee from the Hall of Fame in the event of any conduct that brings the inductee or league into disrepute. 
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