HUNTERS ECB Yorkshire Premier League North 
Scorers Award 
The Malcolm Ripley Trophy was awarded between 200 & 2019. It was initially awarded to the highest marked scorer, but from 2016 was awarded to a scorer selected by the league mamagement board. This would typically go to someone who had given long service as a scorer. 
2000 Chris MacLaren (Pickering) 
2007 Phil Rogers (Fenner) 
2014 Lynn Slater (Clifton Alliance) 
2001 John Fox (Rowntrees) 
2008 Not awarded 
2015 Lynn Slater (Clifton Alliance) 
2002 Stephen Armstrong (Heworth) 
2009 Joanne Parkin (Malton & Old Malton)  
2016 David Langstaff (Sessay) 
2003 Faith Pattison (Hovingham) 
2010 Amada Camplejohn (Dunnington) 
2017 David Farmer (Woodhouse Grange) 
2004 Joanne Foxton (Malton & Old Malton) 
2011 Emma Cockerill (Rowntrees) & 
Val Norton (Woodhouse Grange) 
2018 Alan Kent (Duncombe Park) 
2005 Pat Baker (Folkton & Flixton) 
2012 David Langstaff (Sessay) 
2019 Melanie Tanfield (Easingwold) 
2006 Chris MacLaren (Pickering) 
2013 Jane Morton (Cawood) 
2020 No Longer Awarded 
Presidents Challenge 
The Presidents Challenge Trophy was awarded to the winners of the match between the previous seasons Y&DSCL Champions and the winners of the Hunters Cup. 
1999 Whitkirk 
2004 Dunnington 
2009 Woodhouse Grange 
2014 Woodhouse Grange 
2000 Dunnington 
2005 Clifton Alliance 
2010 Woodhouse Grange 
2015 Woodhouse Grange 
2001 Dunnington 
2006 Easingwold 
2011 Not played 
2016 Martyn Piercy XI 
2002 Dunnington 
2007 Woodhouse Grange 
2012 Woodhouse Grange 
2017 Sheriff Hutton Bridge 
2003 Dunnington 
2008 Sessay 
2013 Clifton Alliance 
2018 Discontinued 
Best Representative Player 
The Lol Morse Award was presented by Representative Team Manager to the player who, in his opinion, had made the biggest contribution to the team throughout the season. 
2001 Tom Glover (Whitkirk) 
2008 Adam Fisher (Sheriff Hutton Bridge) 
2015 Paul Van Dijk (Hemingbrough) 
2002 Harwood Williams (Dunnington) 
2009 Liam McKendry (Thirsk) 
2016 Jack Riley (Hull Zingari) 
2003 Andrew Tute (Acomb) 
2010 Steve Walmsley (Studley Royal) 
2017 Not Awarded 
2004 Richard Medforth (Hornsea) 
2011 Not Awarded 
2018 Ben Hatfield (Beverley Town) 
2005 Andrew Tute (Acomb) 
2012 Mark Fisher (Sheriff Hutton Bridge) 
2019 Will Wade (Acomb) 
2006 Andrew Tute (Acomb) 
2013 Tom Young (Woodhouse Grange) 
2020 Discontinued 
2007 Adam Fisher (Sheriff Hutton Bridge) 
2014 Not Awarded 
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