HUNTERS ECB Yorkshire Premier League North 
Protests can be time consuming and costly for league officials. This is reflected in the non-refundable charges below. 
Protests 15.1 Any club lodging a protest (other than a disciplinary issue) against another club or other issue should send such protest to the secretary or deputy by email within 48 hours of the end of the match where applicable, together with the amount as per the schedule of administrative penalties. The amount required will be an administration charge which is not refundable. Where a protest fails there may also be a further charge to cover expenses. 
15.2 All protests will be considered by a panel put together by the Management Board. Clubs have a right to appeal to a further independent panel appointed by the Management Board. There will be a minimum administration charge of £250. Of this £200 will be refunded if the protest is upheld. 
15.3 In the case of a dispute, representatives of the club, or clubs, concerned will be eligible to attend the hearing but will not be allowed to vote. 
15.4 The Management Board may call on any club to produce their DBS Register, Minute Book, Cash book or Score book to prove the bona-fides of any player against whom a protest has been made. 
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