HUNTERS ECB Yorkshire Premier League North 
The League’s AGM was held via video link earlier tonight (Tuesday 17th November) and a summary can be found below. 
There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 2019 AGM nor the Officers’ Reports. 
As per League Rules, voting on proposed rule changes had taken place ahead of the meeting with only one club failing to send in a ballot paper. In a change from normal procedures the Board allowed clubs to propose changes that were aimed at specific Levels of the league and these were voted on solely by clubs who would have teams at those Levels in 2021. 
In the end, all the proposals were defeated, but some were very close and there is clearly an appetite for change in the lower divisions (see the bottom of this page). Many parts of the proposals from clubs appear to have been favourable but the ad hoc nature of the proposals meant that they lacked cohesion and is something that the Board could have handled differently. The Board will consult with clubs over the next 12 months to put forward proposals that hopefully meet their requirements at the 2021 AGM. 
A proposal to allow clubs to bring overseas players across for the purpose of playing in top three Levels of the League was defeated by 44 votes to 11. 
Pelican 2nd XI were voted into the League for 2021 and a new club, Fairburn, was elected with two teams for 2022. Fairburn are currently a Pontefract League Club situated between Castleford and Selby and in the same area as some of the Wetherby League clubs who joined in 2020. We welcome to the League and we wish them a happy future. 
It was decided to continue to use Oxbridge cricket balls in 2021 and 2022 which is a relief as there are a large number in stock which weren’t used this season. 
We are pleased to announce that the final year of the sponsorship agreement with Hunters was postponed from 2020 to 2021 and a new agreement has been agreed for 2022 to 2026. We continue to be very grateful for their support. 
In light of the continued support from Hunters and the shortened 2020 season after clubs had paid full subscription fees, a 50% reduction was agreed for 2021. 
The Board took the decision to retain the draw for the Hunters League Cup which was made at the 2019 AGM for the 2021 season. That draw is; 
Studley Royal v Harrogate II 
Pickering v Knaresborough 
York II v Whitkirk 
Welton v Beverley Town 
Folkton & Flixton v Hull Zingari 
Sessay v Malton & Old Malton 
Goole Town v Easingwold 
Sheriff Hutton Bridge II v Carlton Towers 
Rule Change Ballot Results 
1. For 27, Against 59, Abstain 7 
2. For 16, Against 17, Abstain 7 
3. For 42, Against 43, Abstain 9 
4. For 36, Against 46, Abstain 12 
5. For 25, Against 60, Abstain 9 
6. For 34, Against 41, Abstain 9 
7. For 27, Against 48, Abstain 8 
8. For 11, Against 44, Abstain 8 
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